Posted On: August 11, 2009

We have come a long way since early days of 2009 bumbling about with a few small feeds and low budget cameras. With over 90 short news reports, commercials, cultural shoots and fund raising support videos we are well on the way to being a much bigger part of Knutsford and the surrounding towns and villages.

We operate with a small team of volunteers who present pieces to camera that are of engaging and insightful content designed to bring local and often topical information to viewers.  In the most part, events in a town can go unnoticed especially if  a budget  just can’t stretch to advertising and promotion, this is where TattonTV can play a part and continues to do so.

TattonTV  supports local businesses by offering a cost effective commercial filming function designed to compliment a website or marketing campaign. TattonTV  will soon be in a position to shoot medium scale TV, Cable or Satellite TV adverts and in the interim is able to  provide quick and effective video presentations and “webverts” that really upscale a company’s web presence

For more information on bookings price and how we can help your business and community please call Jonathan Farber on 01565 760 019 and let’s start talking about growing your audience!