Smiles all round at the Airport

Smiles all round at the Airport

Posted On: May 10, 2010
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The Smile Company brings a new US breakthrough in teeth whitening to the UK that now only takes 20 minutes to achieve a perfect smile at a cost of just £125. The company employs registered dentists for its procedure and its unique delivery system combined with an LED light achieves optimal results incredibly fast and with complete safety. At the airport, The Smile Company offers the perfect solution for Flyers wanting their smile to look as white and as confident as possible, whether they are travelling on business or about to start their holidays.

The Smile Company can be found in Manchester Airport’s Terminal 1 departures lounge, just after the duty free retail area. The Smile Company’s prominent new unit complements Manchester Airport’s refurbished Terminal 1 perfectly. The terminal benefited from a £50m overhaul, launched last year, which is designed to put the fun back into flying by starting the holiday experience as soon as you enter the airport.

Paul Heath, Chairman of The Smile Company, said: “The Smile Company is revolutionising the art and science of teeth whitening. The brighter, more confident ‘Hollywood’ smile was born in America and is a major contributor to a feeling of esteem. It’s very exciting to see the UK market demanding the same high standards in dental therapy and we are proud to be bringing these high quality services to the UK.”

Alan Gibbons, Group Sales Manager, Eye Fly UK commented: “We know that the vast majority of Eye Flyers like to allow themselves plenty of time at the airport to avoid getting stressed before their flights and what better way to spend 20 minutes of that time than achieving the bright, white smile they’ve always wanted! The range of facilities airside is fantastic now – for a completely new look, passengers can have their teeth whitened and then a treatment at the airport’s retail spa offering.”

For more information about The Smile Company’s products and services, please visit where a pre-booking facility is available. Alternatively, contact Paul Heath, Chairman of The Smile Company, on 07920 483 575 or Dr. Robert Hempleman, Chief Executive of The Smile Company, on 07990 972 201.